A word of welcome

We love Kali—she has been a part of Kevin's life for more than ten years, and a part of ours together from the moment we began dating in Feb. 2015. It's not our preference to consider this alternative, but given... Continue Reading →


Get to know me! (from Kali)

Hello! I am a Jack Russell Terrier-Beagle mixed breed. Some might call me a "Jack-A-Bee," but my parents think that I've also got part Whippet and/or Greyhound. I was born in 2006 and, although that was a long time ago,... Continue Reading →

The long (long) story…

Why are we here? Get the story from beginning to end—why Kali is a candidate for adoption, her move from TN to FL and back to TN again, why we feel its in her best interest for a new home (the right home!)... Is Kali a great fit for you?

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